Welcome to Home & Feast


Welcome to Home & Feast created by Stasia Wimmer Boschetti. Join us in celebrating The Everyday Joy of Simple {Slow} Living, with easy cooking, farm-to-table, timeless and seasonal recipes, delicious classics and cozy comfort foods, homemade with love and fresh ingredients.

Influenced by travel, culture, and cuisine, Stasia developed a passion for the culinary arts and design while traveling abroad. After becoming a mother herself, a seasoned hostess, chef, and designer, Stasia developed a career in catering, design, and interior design. In the mid 2000’s Stasia put her catering and design business on hold to focus on getting her children and herself through a challenging divorce. Stasia raised her children as a single mother and solo parent.

Today, Stasia works as a culinary expert for Home & Feast | HF Cooks with over 18 years’ experience in recipe development, and is penning her first cookbook. She is designing the Home & Feast | HF Home Collection, a curated collection of vintage, antique, and traditional homewares, and is the owner of HF Creative Co., a marketing and website development company.


A California native with Italian roots, Stasia is a graduate of the Flintridge Preparatory School, holds a B.S. in Fashion Marketing from Woodbury University, and has been trained and certified by The Protocol School of Washington®, in Washington, D.C. in Etiquette and Protocol. Stasia is the writer behind Dear Advised, writing on matters of the home and heart.

Stasia lives in Southern California with her husband and high school best friend, Giovanni, their blended family of four; her two children, two step-children, and fur babies. She is a farm-to-table supporter, and has a love for vintage cookbooks.