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Hello, I’m Stasia Wimmer Boschetti, founder of Home & Feast. I’m a wife, mother, and American culinary expert. Join me for home, food, drink, and culinary joy! Here you’ll find farm-to-table, seasonal, and traditional recipes, delicious classics, and cozy comfort foods — all homemade with love and fresh ingredients. Come explore our home store for your kitchen, home, and garden that celebrates the everyday joy of simple slow-living.

With over 25 years’ experience as a culinary expert, I created Home & Feast to share the recipes I made for catering clients, friends, and family — with at-home-cooks all over the world.

Born and raised on the West Coast, I’m a graduate of the Flintridge Preparatory School, Woodbury University, and The Protocol School of Washington, in Washington, D.C.

My husband, Giovanni, and I were high school best friends, and have a blended family of four adult kids. I’m a mother to two, a daughter and son, and soon will be blessed with a son-in-law. I’m also a step-mom to two boys. We rescued four cats from the coyote laden streets of our old hometown. Needless to say, we are completely obsessed with them.

I’m the founder of The Home & Feast Co., a culinary website for traditional cooking and homewares, and HF Creative Co., for digital design.

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