This holiday season bring out your best dresses, tailored suits, and witty conversations. It’s time to enjoy festive evenings and smashing dinner parties with five modernly smart conversation starters that will never leave you speechless and are anything but small talk.

5 Modern Dinner Party Conversation Starters

  • Compliments are always in good taste. Break the ice by saying something nice. It doesn’t matter what you compliment, food, weather, attire… just say something positive! If the seasons have changed you might say, “How lovely is the crisp air! My Grandmother always says that it’s time to light the fire and make s’mores!” If a guest brought a dish to the party, you might say, “Susan told me you made the (…), may I tell you how delicious it is; Thank you!” Guests will instantly warm up to you and feel at ease when you’re positive.
  • Technology changes fast and that leads to a great conversation starter. Begin with, “I noticed you have (…). I’m thinking about getting a new (…); may I get your advice? What do you think about (…) vs. (…) today?” This will begin a lively discussion of Android vs. iPhone and Mac vs. PC. Follow up with, “Have you found a new App that you can’t live without?” (I could rattle off a list of App’s I use for business everyday!)
  • I am always looking to give back and what better way to get to know someone than to talk about charities. You can begin by telling a story followed by a question, “At the doctor’s office, I overheard a mom and daughter talking about donating their time to fill stockings for 60 children this Holiday season… I’m looking to give back, do you by chance know of a charity that could use help preparing gifts or meals?” If you are interested in something specific then ask about that niche.
  • Who doesn’t love to talk about delicious and decadent food! Food is a universal language. Begin by complimenting the hostess’s cooking, “These hors d’oeuvres are exceptional, how ever did she make them!”  Follow up with, “I’m in desperate need for a new recipe for (appetizers, cocktails, crockpot, etc…) Do you have a favorite?” “I had the most incredible (…) at (…) have you been?” There won’t be a dull moment when discussing food, recipes or restaurants.
  • Feel good stories and honorable deeds go a long way to start a positive conversation. Begin with a uplifting story, “I read an article today about a woman, who owned her own company, mentored a teenage girl in foster care throughout high school and helped her get into college. Once she graduated college she was offered a job at the company. Ten years later they are still together and she is an Executive…” Continue with a question related to the story you told, “Do you know anyone who is a mentor?”

Now tell me…

What is the best conversation starter that you have ever heard?

With all my love,


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What a fantastic and timely post Stasia! These are all great and helpful tips (I get shy in new groups). What has always worked for me are sincere compliments. Like you said, there is always something positive to comment on. I love the other conversation starters you recommended. I’ll be testing these out in a couple of weeks. Thanks for sharing your impressive wisdom!