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For The Busy Mom Doing It All
For all the busy working and stay-at-home, single, solo, divorced, married, and widowed moms, who are balancing it all and feeling a bit on edge, with so much to do and worried about getting it all right... welcome, I’m glad you’re here! If you are tired of feeling like you are...
  • Craving tuned-in families–instead of missed dinners & conversations
  • Rushing around on endless to-do’s
  • Laying wide awake at 3:00 a.m. worrying about-well, everything
  • Wishing you had more love in your relationship
  • Making zero time for family outings, let alone new traditions

I can help! If you feel stuck on your path to the deep relationships, connected family, and exceptional life you crave, then I’m here to help you get there, easily, quickly—and permanently.


It seems to me the best family traditions and the most important conversations... always start in the kitchen.


“Stasia Wimmer you are so inspiring! Stunning and beautiful - inside and out! So articulate and clear. Thank you for being a role model and showing us there is a way for us women to have it all…”

Finka - Canada

“Thank you, for being there for me, Stasia… I am so grateful for all of the beautiful moral support & wise advice I received and you were/are definitely a significant part of it–keeping me ‘steady,’ until I could ‘see this through...”

Elizabeth - Nevada

“I am sure I could write more, Stasia… but I wanted to quickly tell you thank you... as a single mom, working my biz and a second job that can be very emotionally taxing, your story inspired me to keep going… more tears…”

Shannon - Michigan

“In Germany we rarely say: 1000 thanks!!! Maybe you do it, too. I say it today :) I was very touched by your sweet response and was crying while reading it because it’s just so true what you are saying. – I think I only half-jumped so far because I still look back often, it still makes me incredibly sad. I guess, in these next months I will dare to jump completely…”

Nicola - Germany




Stasia Wimmer is a Los Angeles based culinary and lifestyle expert, author, and mother. Her website is a source of inspiration for powerful women building meaningful home, family, and business lives. As a former caterer, Stasia shares her culinary expertise that made her home inviting, and the recipes women in her community hired her to make for theirs. As a certified Etiquette and Protocol Expert, Stasia shares social savvy advice to help you navigate life with grace and ease.
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